Corporate Governance Reports

The purpose of good corporate governance is to create the conditions for an active involvement from the owners; a clear, well-balanced distribution of responsibilities between owners, board of directors and management and ensuring that correct information about the company reaches the market.

Ework Group AB (publ) is a Swedish listed company and its head office is in

Stockholm. The company is a complete consultant supplier within IT and business development. Company has been listed since 2008 and has 17 239 675 shares.

The governance of the Group includes the Articles of Association, the Swedish Companies Act, NASDAQ OMX’s rules for issuers, including the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance (the Code) and other applicable laws and regulations.

Our Corporate Governance Reports
Corporate Governance Report 2015
Corporate Governance Report 2014
Corporate Governance Report 2013
Corporate Governance Report 2012
Ework Interim Report Q3 2020
Ework 2020 Q2, English
Ework Year-end report January-December 2020