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eWork delivers qualified specialists at .NET and C#


eWork Scandinavia AB is signing an agreement with Microsoft Mobile Internet to become a supplier of specialists at .NETand C#. Microsoft Mobile Internet develops mobile solutions with Microsoft products.

- The consultants need to be very focused on development, be ahead in new technologies and of course have expert knowledge of Microsoft products who we can offer through our network, says Claes Ruthberg, CEO of eWork Scandinavia AB.

There has been a restricted selection of these specialists but with the agreement with eWork, Microsoft Mobile Internet will have an increased choice of consultants and the process to procure consultants will be simplified.

The eWork business concept is built on not having any consultants employed, instead eWork disposes a network of small companies who offer consultants with both excellent skills and long experience.

The network contains over 5000 specialists within the IT area and our vision is to become your link to all this competence at no charge. eWork facilitates the administration and purchasing in the process of finding the right consultants.

eWork has recently also signed agreements with Telia and OM AB.

For further information please contact:
Claes Ruthberg, CEO eWork Scandinavia AB
Tel: +46 -8-50 60 55 05, mobile: +46-70-374 64 75