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eWork is Sweden’s fastest growing company


eWork, the leading IT consultant broker in the Nordic, has won the competition ”Fastest growing company in Sweden”. eWork has had an average growth of 128% over the last 7 years which was enough to reach 1st place. eWork has more than 26.000 consultants in their network and helps customer find the right consultant for their needs, and helps consultants find the right assignments. The list of Sweden’s fastest growing companies is produced yearly by Ahrens & Partner.

- We are very proud to be number one on the list of fast growing companies in Sweden. Our fast as sustainable growth continues and we plan to introduce eWork on the stock exchange within a year, says Claes Ruthberg, CFO.

- The basis for our success is that more and more corporations and authorities have realized that they by working with eWork get access to the best consultants on the marked in a streamlined and cost efficient process. In parallel, more and more consultants have discovered that eWork is an excellent channel to getting assignments at many of the best clients in the Nordic.

eWork’s business concept is to provide corporations and authorities with the IT-competence they need and handle all administration around the assignment. eWork has no own consultants employed, each consultant is subcontracted for every new assignment. The selection of the right consultant is done by souring the best available candidates in our database of over 26.000 CV:s. The sourcing process includes several steps of quality assurance, securing that the client gets the best competence for the assignment.

- Today we have 26.000 IT-consultants from all the Nordic countries in our network. There is no consultant company who can match that number. An important reason why so many consultants have chosen to cooperate with us is that we can offer them so many various assignments at our clients, says Claes Ruthberg.
For further information, please contact:

Claes Ruthberg, CEO, eWork Scandinavia AB
Phone: +46 8 50 60 55 05, cellular: +46 703 74 64 75

Sofie König, Marketing Manager, eWork Scandinavia AB
Phone: +46 8 50 60 55 00, cellular: +46 70 515 49 83