A business model that promotes diversity

Ework’s main way of working for a sustainable society is through its business model, where diversity and equal opportunities are a central component. The reason is simple – clients, the company and wider society want to utilise the competence that’s there, regardless of how it’s packaged.

For Ework, diversity means everyone at Ework – with their unique qualities, skills and experiences – contributes to the overall competence the company delivers. Diversity means higher profitability for clients. Moreover, work on diversity attracts new competence and inspires existing employees and consultants.

Ework’s business model promotes diversity and equal opportunities for matching consultants. The company has no consultants employed, but endeavours to match assignments with the most suitable consultants from the whole market impartially. This process is called “Matched by Ework™.” The objective is to appoint all consultants using this model by 2020.

Rapid technological progress requires freedom from prejudice

A lot of clients need to gear up their businesses fast. This requires knowledge that has nothing to do with name, sex, ethnicity, age or appearance. Matched by Ework™ enables Ework to provide a digital matching process that minimises discrimination by moving the focus away from emotional criteria. This enables the company to satisfy consultant expectations to access assignments, while also playing an active role in developing more diversity and equal opportunities in wider society through innovation.

Compliant with Global Compact principles

Ework has been a member of – and complied with – the ten principles of the UN Global Compact since 2012, reporting its progress and targets achieved to the UN General Assembly every year.
While defining our focus areas we have had the UN’s Global Sustainable Development Agenda and Agenda 2030 as a starting point. Our greatest opportunity to influence in a positive and constructive way is through the following goals - equal treatment, non-discrimination, increased social security and socio-economic growth.