Ework has been ISO 14001 certified since 2012 and is working actively to be energy efficient, use green products and contribute to a sustainable development. We are also working to try to find new ways of working that allow for a more environmentally friendly way of working, for example work from a distance so that the number of trips decreases. Our environmental policy stipulates that we must work continuously with the training of our employees on environmental issues, a work run by our environmental manager. In addition, the work to improve our environment should be a work that is included in our daily work.

Our environmental goals are set based on an analysis of the areas where Ework has the greatest environmental impact and can have the most impact.

1. Ework shall, by year 2024, have reduced its carbon oxide emission per employee by 5 % when traveling.
2. In 2024, Ework shall perform 10 % of all assignments during a year remote.
3. Ework shall by 2024 reduce its use of papers by 15 %.