Assisting Norway’s most up-to-date public body

Being perceived as Norway’s most up-to-date public body. In pursuit of this vision, the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund (the Norwegian equivalent of Sweden’s CSN) modernised all its IT structures and solutions. Step one was to develop digital services on a new platform for young, mobile students. Step two involved focusing on systems for internal collaboration and communi-cation, including storing data on the cloud. Ework Norway has been delivering the right external competence for this project since spring 2016.

In recent years, the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund’s pioneering digital services development work has attracted attention.

The Fund started its IT initiative by producing a new solution platform for communicating with its end-customers, i.e. students.

“Our 1 million customers are young and 100% of them are mobile communication users. This means we have to offer solutions tailored accordingly. The outcome of our work on new digital solutions was successful—research demonstrates that our customers are very satisfied,” re-ports Sigurd Eriksson, the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund’s IT Director.

Once this was complete, our next in step in 2015 was to focus on modernising our IT systems for internal collaboration and communication. Our aim was to streamline the management of in-formation, while simultaneously making it more available. One stage in this process was becom-ing the first Norwegian public body to plan storing data on the cloud. This also involved extensive legal work.

Partnering with Ework since spring 2016

The Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund is endeavouring to remain at the leading edge of IT progress—but only if this also results in greater cost-efficiency. Efficiency should also feature in all other parts of our business, such as consultant purchasing. The Fund’s some 300 employees are continuously supported by some 25 consultants.

“Previously we had a raft of different providers, which was resource-intensive to administer. This got me thinking about the possibility of using a single provider like Ework, who could give us ac-cess to the whole consulting market, while also meaning we had just one counterparty. Good references from other clients persuaded us to adopt the solution after the customary tendering process,” continues Sigurd.

“We signed our contract with Ework in April 2016.”

“There were some concerns that we would lose competence, but the opposite has been true. We’re also freeing up time by cutting the number of interviews. Now, Ework sends us two or three candidates that are all really qualified for the assignment, instead of as previously, meeting and interviewing a far greater number. Another bonus is that we avoid processing paper, and that I can now sign off contracts digitally on my mobile,” he adds.

“We now hope to be able to inspire other people to think in new ways.”

Sigurd Eriksson, IT Director at Statens Lånekasse

Sigurd Eriksson, IT Director at Statens Lånekasse

Phone: +46 (8) 50 60 55 00