Who we are?

  • Ework opened its doors in 2000 - i.e. we have led and developed the concept of not having our own employed consultants for more than 20 years.

  • Not having our own employed consultants... How is that possible? Well, we are exclusively working with a very extensive network, which in practice, is the whole Nordic consulting market. In other words, our reach is more or less infinite and thus also our ability to find THE consultant of your dreams.

  • Today, we have 10.000 consultants on assignment in all industries and roles divided into 13 sites in five countries. These are 10.000 active consultants on assignment, not the amount of total consultants in our network.

  • All of this is managed by 350 Ework employees. Why is it an important figure? Well, that is considerably more employees per consultant than our competitors. This means we can put significantly more time and energy into finding the right consultant. It also enables us to provide better service to both you as a client and to our consultants.

How does this work in reality? Well, imagine you have a request - let's say you are in need of a tester – and you send this request to us…

What do we do?

Ework acts as an independent bridge between the consultants and the clients. Independent for us is – in addition to not having our own employed consultants - objectively using the entire consulting market, rather than working with a few selected suppliers. So when we send you a CV, it's not a consultant who happens to be available at any of our chosen suppliers, it is the consultant that objectively is the most suitable for the assignment!



The first thing that happens when we receive your request is that we post it on our homepage and email our consultant pools. We then start to manually and actively search through our network, as well as other networks, such as Linkedin.


Let's say we find 10 suitable, available profiles. We compare these consultants against your request and against each other (matching) and send you two to three candidates that best meet your requirements. These profiles have reviewed Eworks' quality process, which means that they are guaranteed to be available, they are interested in the assignment, they are interviewed and they have received an assignment-specific motivation.

We have just offered you the best suited profiles in the consultancy market. That is Matched by Ework!


Competitive Exposure

For Ework, ‘Competitive Exposure’ means ensuring that as a client you never pay too much or too little because we make sure that you get the market price, i.e. what the market considers that the expertise is worth, right here right now. As you’re aware, consultant prices fluctuate over time, depending on supply and demand, as well as on the state of the economy, but as one of Sweden’s largest consultant procurers we know what the correct price is and we’re skillful negotiators.

Suppose that we have three test profiles and two have the same hourly rate, while the third is asking for a higher rate. We’ll contact the more expensive consultant to advise them that they’re asking for more than the other two tendering candidates. This gives the consultant a chance to either justify asking for a higher rate or adjust their rate in order to increase their chances of getting the assignment.

This is how we have exposed the consultant for competition and ensured that you have received a market price for all the offered consultants!

Tailor-made systems and processes

As mentioned initially, we have done this for almost 20 years, and over the years we have developed tailor-made systems and processes. Efficient support that ensures high quality delivery in everything from managing and developing our extensive network, to offerings, onboarding, time reports, evaluations, billing ... etc.

What do you get from working with us?

Now you know who we are and what we do. Then the question is, what do you as a client get from working with us? Well, you get:

  • The right consultant. We use our network and compare (match) the consultants.

  • The right price. We expose the consultants to competition.

  • Increased control. Since you communicate with a SPOC that handles everything, you can focus on what's important; developing your business!

So, what is the cost for all this? Here’s the good news, nothing! You only pay when we found the consultant you want. No more no less. So try us! Let us prove what we're going for and how we can help you!