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Future proofed technology platforms within Platform Services

A consultancy market in a constant state of flux imposes new demands on the technology for finding and managing the right skills. In our Platform Services business area, we address areas such as marketplaces, procurement systems and social networks, in order to give consultant procurers the means of obtaining the maximum benefit from technological advances.

Our platforms have long been a natural and integrated part of the other services provided by Ework, and these new services give both clients and consultants futureproof interfaces with the consultancy market, regardless of choice of consultant supplier.

With a focus on areas such as mobility, artificial intelligence and automation, our platforms help to streamline the collaboration between client and supplier. Our integrated analysis tools give an insight into where the consultancy market is heading and our system functions create conditions for a more efficient hiring process. Mobile apps help to shorten decision-making processes and make day-to-day life more flexible.

Please get in touch if you’d like to find out more about how our technology platforms streamline your consultancy management.

Welcome to the consultancy market of tomorrow!

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