How it works


All assignments are posted on our website. Apply as quickly as possible. We also perform searches through our database to find the best candidates for every new assignment.

Time for your interview

If you’re called for an interview, as a rule someone from Ework’s customer team will be present.

Sign the agreement.

If you are the candidate that the client wants to hire, it is time to sign an assignment agreement. Ework is a contractual partner to both you and the customer. To facilitate the management of the agreement, we use Ework eSigning, which can be signed electronically from a remote location by all parties.

Before you start.

Before you start, you’ll be briefed about the client, the assignment and all practicalities by the dedicated customer team at Ework. Meanwhile, our Service Center can always be contacted for any questions about your agreement, time reporting, billing, outlays and payments.

We can bill for you.

You record your time reports and any outlays and then we will bill for you.

Pay Express for faster payment.

We offer the Pay Express service, which means that you are offered a faster payment process for your bills at a comparatively low cost. You can add Pay Express manually to a single time report or order payment automatically over the entire assignment agreement.

Extended or new assignment.

Once you have been commissioned by us and completed an assignment successfully, this increases the likelihood of us being able to offer you extended or new assignments.

Latest assignments

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