How it works

1. Sign up

Start by creating an account in Verama and then a profile detailing your skills and work experience. 




2. Send assignment application

All assignments are posted here on the website. When you find an assignment that interests you – apply as soon as possible. Specify your desired hourly rate and availability for each individual assignment.



3. Offer proposal

If your profile matches the assignment, we’ll contact you to tell you more and agree on an hourly rate that’s acceptable to both you and the employer. Then we send your profile and an offer to the client.


4. Interview

If the employer wants to meet you, we’ll book an interview appointment together. Your contact person at Ework will be happy to accompany you to the interview if that’s what you want.


5. Contract is signed

If the client wants to hire you, the next step will be to sign an assignment contract. Ework is a contractual partner to both you and the client. In order to make signing the contract easier, we use E-Signing and all parties sign digitally.

Read more about E-Signing

6. Time reporting & invoicing

During the assignment, you report the time you’ve worked in our user-friendly time-tracking system, Ework Time. We manage the invoicing and administration for your assignments. This saves you time and gives you better terms of payment, while minimising the risk of incorrect invoicing.



Visit our networking events!

Having an account with us gives you access to a large and valuable network via the many networking events we arrange. We host everything from major events, such as open houses, to smaller events, such as breakfast seminars, and niche-segment networking events for specific skills segments.

Before you start

Before you start, you’ll be briefed about the client, the assignment and all practicalities by the dedicated customer team at Ework. You’re always welcome to contact our Support team if you have any questions about your contract, time tracking, invoicing, outlays or payments.




PayExpress for faster payment

PayExpress is a service we provide to guarantee you faster payment for a small fee. You can add PayExpress manually to a single time report or select automatic payments for the duration of the assignment agreement.



Please contact our support for more information

Have a well-written CV

A well-written, clear and relevant CV that includes the right keywords from the assignment description increases your chances of getting the assignment.


Extended assignment or new assignment

There’s often a good chance of extending the assignment contract as the assignment nears its end.

Your successful completion of the assignment makes it more likely that we’ll be able to offer you more assignments within your skills segments when we receive new requests.


Be well-prepared for the interview

The interview is the most important step in your pursuit of the assignment. We’ve listed our top tips for a successful interview and a signed contract below.

  • Do your homework – read up on the company or organisation for which you’d like to complete an assignment. Ask your contact person at Ework about the client and the assignment.

  • Dress appropriately – but pick clothes that you feel comfortable wearing

  • Be on time

  • You never get a second chance to make a first impression – remember to introduce yourself and make eye contact with the other person

  • Focus on your strengths – and outline your efforts to improve your weaker areas

  • Give detailed answers – not just yes or no

  • Keep in mind the reasons why you want the assignment

  • Be objective

  • Ask questions

  • Think about your body language