Consultant Intermediary

What is a consultant intermediary
– and why is this important for you as a consultant?


Would you like to make finding assignments smooth and easy? How about never having to worry about administration or complicated contracts again? Want to get help and advice to take your career to the next level? Here we tell you more about what a consultant intermediary is – and how you could benefit from joining one.

Open, accessible and broad-ranging platform

A consultant intermediary is the primary link between consultants and clients. The broker acts as an open and accessible platform that makes it easier for both parties to find a good match, whatever their needs. Joining a consultant intermediary is completely free for you as a consultant and gives you direct access to a vast range of clients and assignments. Some consultant intermediarys specialise in a niche sector, while others cover assignments and clients in every possible field. If you’re relatively new to the consultancy scene, joining a broker with a wide range offers you major advantages, as it enables you to find multiple assignments via one single channel. This means that you avoid spending all your valuable time on networking and marketing yourself to new clients.

Even if you’re the broker’s newest consultant, you’ll get immediate access to all current client requests – there are never any requirements for a qualifying period before you’re able to apply for an assignment. That said, it’s a good long-term strategy to establish a relationship with your broker and acquire a track record of successfully completed assignments. This gives you good references for the future!


Works for everyone – in all contexts

A consultant intermediary is a good source of assignments, regardless of your preferences, needs or frequency. It’s a solution that works just as well for a freelance consultant as it does for a consultancy company with multiple employed consultants and its own clients. You join free of any commitment – you have complete control over the level and timing of your activity. For example, you could be on assignment for years at a time and just use the broker as a complement to your own network. Or a consultant intermediary could act as a total solution providing you with assistance at every stage: you’ll get a contact person who becomes a valuable link between you and the client, in everything from contract drafting and fee negotiation to contract-extension discussions.

Ework – a consultant intermediary with extra advantages

Joining a consultant intermediary also gives you many other advantages in addition to completely free access to all clients and assignments. Here at Ework, for example, you will have an active partner and advisor on hand at all times, who helps you progress in your career. This has created new opportunities for suppliers to find interesting assignments. In parallel, Ework has developed systems and methods that improve the suppliers' ability to develop their profile and competence.


It is free to be part of Ework's network and apply for assignments. When you are on assignment through Ework, you will be charged for Ework Services, 0.7% of the invoiced amount per invoice during the term of the assignment.

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