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Below you will find contact information for specific cases. You can find contact information and directions to our offices in the menu above.

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Applicant consultants

If you are not on assignment through us but are interested in what it means or have questions about a specific assignment, the status of your applications and more, please turn to our Competence Managers.

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Consultants on assignment

Are you on assignment through Ework is first and foremost our ServiceCentre you should turn to where you can get help with questions about contracts, time reporting, billing and payments and more.

Phone: +46 77-441 21 22
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Purchasers of consultants

For you as customer or who are interested in taking part of the Ework services, we have our sales team.

Do you have a specific assignment and want to test Ework as a provider? Fill out our inquiry form and see what we can do.

Phone: +46 8-50 60 55 30


IR & Press

On our investor pages can investors, shareholders, analysts and media find relevant information about Ework. Dont hesitate to contact us if you miss something in our communication.

Phone: +46 (8) 50 60 55 00