Management & Board

The Management Team

Zoran Covic
Born 1973. Employed 2012.

Zoran took over as CEO in 2014 and was previously responsible for Ework in the Öresund region. He has worked with outsourcing since 2001 and his last assignment before Ework was as business development manager for the public sector within Logica. Zoran has an Executive MBA from Copenhagen Business School and an MBA from the University of Lund.

Shareholding in Ework: 100 000
Stock options in Ework: 0

Deputy CEO & COO
Magnus Eriksson
Born 1969. Employed 2007.

Magnus was from 2007 responsible for the Ework Stockholm office, and between 2009 and 2012 he was Head of Sales at Ework Group. Magnus has a Degree of Master of Science in Business and Economics from the University of Uppsala. He has worked in the IT industry since 1992, primarily with sales and sales development but also with organizational development in various consulting businesses.

Shareholding in Ework: 81 500
Stock options in Ework: 0

Ola Maalsnes
Born 1973. Employed 2019.

Ola has been CFO at Ework Group since 2019. Ola has over 12 years of experience as CFO for companies in the IT industry and holds a M.Sc. degree from Karlstad University.

Shareholding in Ework: 2000
Stock options in Ework: 5 200

Director Sales & Marketing
Pernilla Nilsson
Born 1976. Employed 2004.

Since 2013, Pernilla has been Sales Director at Ework Group after being in several leading positions within Ework, such as, Head of Sales in Stockholm, Site Director in Malmö and responsible for process- and delivery matters, including larger implementation projects.

Shareholding in Ework: 14 550
Stock options in Ework: 9 600

Site Director Copenhagen & Malmö
Peter Lundahl
Born 1966. Employed 2016.

Peter is responsible for Ework Malmö since January 2016. Peter has a Degree of Master of Science in Business and Economics and in System science from the University of Lund.

He has over 20 years of experience as an executive leader in various organizations. Peter has a background as CEO of ManpowerGroup Sweden and as Senior Advisor for both startups and listed companies.

Shareholding in Ework: 1 500
Stock options in Ework: 50 900

Site Director Gothenburg
Disa Nilsson
Born 1972. Employed 2006.

Disa has since the start in 2006, worked as a Key Account Manager and since 2009 as Sales Manager at Ework Stockholm. Her background is in the IT industry with among others seven years at Dell. Disa took over as head of Ework Gothenburg in September 2013.

Shareholding in Ework: 2 000
Stock options in Ework: 7 000

Managing Director Poland
Mikael Subotowicz
Born 1982. Employed 2015.

Michael is responsible for Eworks subsidiary in Poland and has been employed since 1 May 2015. He has worked in the IT consulting industry for over 10 years and has held senior positions at companies in Sweden and Poland. He has previously worked at ÅF and ZeroChaos. Michael has a Bachelor of Liberal Art with a major in political science and international business relations from Hobart and William Smith College.

Shareholding in Ework: 1 200
Stock options in Ework: 10 000

Managing Director Norway
Rune Rasen
Born 1975. Employed 2007.

Rune has been Managing Director Ework Norge AS since September 1, 2019 and has held various roles within Ework such as sales manager and IT manager in Oslo. In addition to many years of experience in the consulting industry, Rune has 10 years of experience in various telecommunication roles. Rune holds a degree from the Norwegian Business School BI.

Shareholding in Ework: 0
Stock options in Ework: 0

Director of operations
Malin Fondin
Born 1988. Employed 2007.

Malin has worked with process and development questions from the start and has held several senior positions within Ework since 2010. She had a great part in building up Customer Service, worked as a customer manager and process owner, and has been a leading figure in development and change projects within the organization. Since 2017, Malin has been responsible for Operations, including customer implementation and shared service as well as development of Eworks business areas, offers, and way of working.

Shareholding in Ework: 400
Stock options in Ework: 18 000

Director of People Operations
Tim Kolga
Born 1980. Employed 2016.

Tim is the People Operations Director at Ework since 2016. With a previous background as a consultant at Sandahl Partners AB, he worked with Ework as a customer in regards to management and organizational questions since 2012. Tim is a licensed psychologist specializing in work psychology.

Shareholding in Ework: 0
Stock options in Ework: 2000

The Board

Staffan Salén
Born 1967. Elected 2003.


Staffan currently works as the CEO of Salenia AB and was previously Vice President and Communications Director of Swedbank AB and the managing editor of Finanstidningen. Staffan is Chairman of Amapola AB, AB Sagax and board member of the following companies; Strand Kapitalförvaltning AB, Landauer Ltd, Westindia AB and Largus Holding AB, Green Landscaping. Staffan has an MBA from the University of Stockholm.

Shareholding in Ework: 4 916 975*
Stock options in Ework: 0
*through company

Founder and Board Member
Magnus Berglind
Born 1970. Elected 2000.

Magnus is the founder of Ework and former CEO. Today, he runs the investment firm Pamir. Magnus previously was a management consultant at McKinsey & Co, New York, and COO & CFO at Mactive Inc, Florida. Magnus is chairman of the board at Kaustik AB and SchoolSoft AB, as well as board member in CtrlPrint AB and e-Avrop AB, Carefox AB, 2c8 Business Solutions AB and Inbox Capital AB. Magnus has a Master of Science in Business & Economics and a law degree from Stockholm University.

Shareholding in Ework: 10,000
Stock options in Ework: 0

Board Member
Mernosh Saatchi
Born 1979. Elected 2016.

Mernosh is the vice president and founder of Humblestorm agency. She is on the board of MQ, Drottningholms slottsteater and Postkodföreningen. Mernosh has studied Electrical Engineering at the Royal Institute of Technology.

Shareholding in Ework: 2,000
Stock options in Ework: 0

Board Member
Dan Berlin
Born 1955. Elected 2004.

Dan is founder and chairman of the board in Luciholding AB, CEO at Key People Group AB and Dan Berlin Advisory AB. Previously, Dan has worked as an Investment Manager at Prosper Capital Fund and has been CEO at Poolia IT and ICL Data AB. Dan is a member of the board in the following companies; Key People AB, TNG Group AB, To Find Out AB, Invici AB, Signpost AB, ADA Digital AB, Invici AB, Mesh AB, Tengai AB, Memo Invest AB and Elfström and Taflin Fastighets AB. Dan has an M.Sc. from Indek KTH and is a backup officer for the Swedish Coastal Rangers.

Shareholding in Ework: 134 859
Stock options in Ework: 0

Board Member
Erik Åfors
Born1960. Elected 2014.

Erik works as an active investor in listed and private companies. Previously advisor within financial communication and international corporate finance. Erik is chairman of Vero Kommunikation AB and a board member of Rolling Optics Holding as well as of Ingo Invest AB and its subsidiaries. Erik holds a degree (Civilekonomexamen) from the Stockholm School of Economics.

Shareholding in Ework: 377 291
Stock options in Ework: 0

Board Member
Johan Qviberg
Born 1981. Elected 2014.

Johan Qviberg works as CEO of his own company Quinary Investment AB. He has previously worked as a real estate consultant and stockbroker. Johan is board member of Svolder AB and Wihlborgs Fastigheter AB. Johan has an MBA degree from the Stockholm School of Economics.

Shareholding in Ework: 100 000
Stock options in Ework: 0