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Sony Ericsson confirms scope of LOI with eWork


eWork Scandinavia AB has today confirmed the scope of a letter of intent signed with Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB on September 29th. eWork will become Sony Ericsson´s Managed Service Provider (MSP) for onsite consultants in Sweden. The collaboration will mean an increase in eWork’s revenue by approximately 20 per cent, as of January 2012.

The letter of intent between eWork and Sony Ericsson was first made public on September 29. It expresses that Sony Ericsson shall enter into an agreement with eWork in the coming weeks to formalize the new collaboration. The contract length will initially be two years, with Sony Ericsson and eWork reviewing the partnership after this period.

This will be eWork's single largest commitment, increasing revenue by an estimated 20 percent. The agreement between Sony Ericsson and eWork will go live on January 1st, 2012.

eWork´s business model mean that buyers quickly receive consultants with the optimal skills in place. eWork is a party and handles all administration. eWork is also a long-term strategic partner in corporate customers´ efforts to develop and streamline the consultant process. eWork has more than 2200 consultants on assignment in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland.
The information was submitted for publication at 8.00 p.m. CET on 17 October 2011

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