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EDB Business Partner/Virtù has entered a framework agreement with eWork


EDB Business Partner/Virtù has entered a framework agreement with the consultant broker eWork. Under the agreement eWork will supply EDB Business Partner with consultancy services from small IT consultancies.

Virtù is wholly owned by EDB Business Partner and manages all hiring of consultants for the EDB group in Norway. EDB Business Partner is the largest Nordic IT group and in case of under-capacity it hires consultants for challenging and exciting technology projects for some of the largest companies in the Nordic region. With this agreement EDB Business Partner expects to further enhance the efficiency of the process of hiring external consultants, reduce administration costs and obtain access to even more of the most highly skilled IT consultants in the market.

“Naturally, we are extremely proud to have been entrusted with the task of assisting EDB Business Partner /Virtù find the right IT skills. This agreement will help enhance the efficiency both of EDB/Virtù and the day-to-day work of the consultant,” says Terje Andersen, CEO of eWork Norway.

eWork’s business concept is to assist clients find precisely the IT skills they are looking for and manage all administration relating to the task. eWork does not itself employ consultants. Subjects are selected from among the many highly qualified IT consultants in eWork’s network of more than 30,000 experts.

“We are extremely pleased with developments in the Nordic market. Our vision is to find consultants for all clients, and clients for all consultants. By means of its quality assured and unique selection process, eWork quickly finds the right candidates and guarantees objectivity. More and more IT consultancies with few employees are choosing to sell their services through eWork,” Terje Andersen explains.

For further information:
Terje Andersen, CEO, eWork Norge AS
Tel: +47 22 40 36 22, mobile: +47 970 79 440

Christoffer Haug Olsen, CEO, Virtu AS
Mobile: : +47 482 41 482