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Interim Report, January - June 2013


"eWork achieved a major milestone in the quarter when we secured our second really large-scale MSP (managed service provider) deal, on this occasion with TetraPak. Thus we demonstrated once again that we’re the strongest provider on the market, with a functional MSP concept for the whole Nordic region. Meanwhile, this deal is a breakthrough in the technology consultant segment."

Claes Ruthberg, President and CEO


• Net sales rose by 6 percent to SEK 931.8 million (877.2).

• Operating profit decreased by 22 percent to SEK 12.5 million (16.0).

• Order intake increased by 12 percent and amounted to SEK 1,226 million (1,090).

• Profit after tax per share was SEK 0.55 (0.71), the same amount before and after dilution.

• The market remained hesitant, which negatively affected the number of ongoing consultant appointments.

• However, interest in consolidating and MSP (managed service provider) business was high.

• An MSP deal was signed with Tetra Pak, expected to amount to over 10 percent of the Group’s net sales.

• This agreement with TetraPak mainly relates to technology consultants, which marks a breakthrough for eWork in this segment.


• Net sales increased by 8 percent to SEK 1,886.0 million (1,747).

• Operating profit decreased by 9 percent to SEK 27.3 (30.0) million.

• eWork judges that it won market share on a generally hesitant market. Its sales mix included a higher share of outsourcing and takeover contracts, which explains its lower operating margin.

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