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eWork Scandinavia AB (publ) announces new Management Team


eWork is announcing a new management team with a completely new structure, effective October 1. The objective is to sharpen the business focus of the management team to support continued growth and profitability. The principal change is that local Site Managers with direct responsibility for business operations will be included in the management team. At the same time, the number of Senior Executives with functional responsibilities will reduced, to the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer and the Marketing, Sales and Human Resources Managers.

eWork’s CEO Claes Ruthberg is presenting the new management team, which will be effective on October 1 this year, at an eWork staff conference today. The team will have five Site Managers as new members, all with direct responsibility for local business operations:

· Zoran Covic, CEO and Site Manager, Denmark and Malmö
· Magnus Silén, CEO and Site Manager, Finland
· Helge Strømnes, CEO and Site Manager, Norway
· Lotta Dizengremel, Site Manager Stockholm
· Jimmie Carling, Site Manager Gothenburg

As previously announced, the management team will include the following Senior Executives with functional responsibilities:

· Chief Executive Officer: Claes Ruthberg, President since 2001
· Chief Financial Officer: Magnus Eriksson, part of eWork’s management team since 2007
· Group Human Resources Manager: Nina Karlsson, has worked for eWork Finland since 2006
· Group Marketing Manager: Erik Thornberg, part of eWork’s management team since 2010
· Nordic Sales Manager: Henrik Palmér, employed 2003, part of eWork’s management team since spring 2012

“We will now get a very business-oriented management team focused on continued business development. Our subsidiaries become involved naturally, which will enhance decision and execution power in our efforts towards continued growth and profitability, not least in subsidiaries,” commented eWork’s CEO Claes Ruthberg.

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