Meet Mats Klippberg, Account Manager at consulting firm Knowit.

Everyone’s a winner when Ework takes over the purchasing process

In its assignments, Ework often takes an overall grasp of consultant purchasing. Its aim is to achieve more control and transparency in purchasing consulting services, reducing the number of contracts, while simultaneously ensuring the best competence. In practical terms, this change involves companies getting access to the whole consultant market through Ework, instead of interfacing with multiple suppliers as previously. Examples of clients who entrust Ework with their procurement of consultants include Sony and Tetra Pak. Initially, consultants are often sceptical about the change.

“A lot of projects are long term, usually lasting over a year, and move seamlessly into the next, and this means that close relationships are created between consultants and clients. I think there was a fear that this could add a filter to the client and that close contact with line managers, for example, would be lost. But this hasn’t happened at all. We collaborate just as closely with our clients,” says Mats Klippberg.

One of the leading consulting firms in the Nordics

Knowit is one of the Nordic region’s leading consulting firms, with 1,800 IT, Design & Digital and Management specialists. Knowit is rated the top consulting firm in employer branding monitor Universum’s ranking of the most attractive employers in the Nordics. Knowit works for clients on software development, embedded systems, application development, quality assurance, project management and website content.

“Previously, we maintained standard contracts with clients, which meant that all consulting services we delivered within a specific category had the same pricing. But now, supply and demand determine this. This means we can secure higher pricing if we can offer specific, highly specialised competence,” adds Mats.

“Now that everyone sees every enquiry, we have a more transparent and flexible system where everybody wins,” he adds.

Personal chemistry critical

Knowit and Ework also partner on deliveries to multiple clients – and Mats expects there to be more in future. “In this type of setup, personal chemistry is critical. I maintain close, sometimes daily, contact with Ework and our partnership is great.” adds Mats.

Mats Klippberg, Account Manager at Knowit

Mats Klippberg, Account Manager at Knowit