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Geospatial web services

Bathymetry, marine geology, marine biology and oceanography forms the backbone of the marine geospatial data foundation needed to underpin knowledge based decision making within a sustainable management of the coastal zone, the sea areas and the oceans. There is a need to create an interactive mapping demo, on a small scale in the first hand, that will highlight the user potential of copious geospatial services relevant to these user communities, according to their requirements described in specific user scenarios. The demo will serve as an initial prototype and gradually act as a “proof of concept” during a prospective funding process of a full-scale project.

The Mapping Authority (NHS) is therefore ordering the development of web-based services such as WFS / WCS / WPS for sediment maps at NGS and nature type maps at IMR based on the OGC standard so that it becomes possible to combine with NHS services in a web client. The project is a request from The Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation and will be presented to the Ministry in early 2020 . The scope of the Project is limited to the use cases described in the requirements specification.

Development is to be based on agile principles and the developer is to estimate how many sprints in are needed in total. Work will go on in NGS and IMR simultaneously and it is important that the competence in both organisation is increased during the development work; therefore, full documentation is mandatory. Users of the product will be involved at the testing phase. There will be testing also on the NGS portal.

Consultants must have:
- Strong experience from geographical systems / map solutions
- Distributions database
- Data modelling
- Geomatic standards – ISO 19100, Open GeoSpatial Consortium
- W3C
- Geographic API
- Open layers
- It is important that the consultant has experience in creating WFS/WCS/WPS services

Estimated start date: ASAP

Duration: 2019-12-31

End date extension: 2020-01-28

Remote work: The work will take place partly on-site at the Norwegian Geological Institute (NGS) in Trondheim and the Institute of Marine Research (IMR) in Bergen and partly remote

Hours/week: 37,5

Please, apply directly through our system with

- your updated CV
- your hourly rate (all included)
- name and telephone number to 2 reference persons eWork can contact (we will contact your reference persons first after contact with you)
- information on when you are available to start
- in the Motivation describe why you are suitable for this assignment - refer to earlier assignments, employments, education and personal qualities.
Geospatial web services - Assignment


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ASAP - 2019-12-31
Norway, Bergen
Norway, Bergen

GIS (geographical information system) 1-3 Years Essential