Interim report January – March 2008


Strong growth is the continued trend during the first quarter of 2008 for the consultancy brokerage firm eWork, which was listed on OMX First North on May 22nd:

• Net turnover increased by 80 percent to 445 (247,2) MSEK
• Operating result increased 98,4 percent to 12,1 (6,1) MSEK.
• Result after tax increased to 8,7 (4,7) MSEK.
• Cash flow from operating activities amounted to 19,1 (-9,1) MSEK
• Operating margin improved 2,7 (2,5) percent
• Profit after tax per share amounted to 1,11 (0,60) SEK.

─ The fact that eWork’s turnover increased by 80 percent and the operating result by 98,4 percent during the first quarter shows the strength in our business model, as well as our growth potential.

-We forecast continued and strong development in this direction during the entire year of 2008 and we are very pleased that we were able to bring in several significant contracts in the Nordic region, as well as in our four Nordic markets during the first quarter, says Claes Ruthberg, CEO of eWork.

-We will now more than ever before be able to secure our position as the leading consultant brokerage in the Nordic region. Besides being able to offer our customers the best IT consultants in the Nordic region, we are now also offering them operational consultants as well as technical consultants. We are investing in marketing initiatives in order to increase brand recognition with potential customers and to create awareness around our business offers. This has resulted in a significant amount of inquiries from an entirely new customer base during the first quarter of 2008.

For more information please contact:

Claes Ruthberg, CEO, eWork Scandinavia AB
Telephone: +46-8-50 60 55 05, mobile: +46-703-74 64 75

Sofie König, Marketing Director, eWork Scandinavia AB
Telephone: +46-8-50 60 55 00, mobile: +46-70-5154983