Recruitment Services

Ework Recruitment Services

Ework provides flexible and scalable recruitment solutions covering the end-to-end recruitment process. Our Recruitment Services can be tailored to cover the whole process from sourcing and selection to onboarding talent. By using Ework as a recruitment partner HR is freed up to focus on strategic goals.

Portfolio of Recruitment Services

  1. Recruitment Consulting Team delivery/Recruitment Consultants
  2. Recruitment Desk
  3. Procurement Service

Recruitment Consulting

Team delivery / Recruitment Consultants

Ework will source competent recruitment consultants, evaluate and create a highly functional team with the right professional skills.

To be used;

  • during temporary recruitment peaks
  • to strengthen the company brand (Employer Branding)
  • to secure future competence needs

Ework can also provide additional resources to strengthen the existing HR team during peaks, paternal leave, etc.

Recruitment Desk

Recruitment Desk is a form of business process outsourcing where a company transfers all or part of its recruitment processes to an external service provider.

By using Ework as an end-to-end recruitment partner you gain access to our global network of recruitment suppliers. Regardless of your competence need, Ework will source the best-suited recruitment supplier for each specific recruitment. Through each process, you will have access to the whole market but still only need one frame agreement partner and one point of contact.
Ework will act as a bridge between the HR department and all recruitment suppliers. Ework Recruitment Desk team can be located in-house or remote depending on client preferences.

The Ework Recruitment Desk team will;

  • harmonise Terms and Conditions on recruitment supplier contracts according to company processes
  • distribute requests to suppliers
  • handle incoming calls and emails from prospective suppliers
  • handle administration of contracts and signing
  • on- and offboarding

Procurement Services

Ework searches for the best-suited recruitment supplier for each specific need, specific role or specific situation.

Ework will;

  1. act as advisor partner and share expertise regarding role descriptions, market-rate salaries, expectations of recruitment fees, need for background checks, etc.
  2. compile references, time frames, and service levels
  3. ensure market-rate fees for each process
  4. select and present the best suitable suppliers
  5. negotiate fees, handle contracts and invoicing

Contact Person

Anna-Karin Cederholm-Wik

+46 (0)739 60 55 74