Zrównoważony rozwój

A sustainable business model

Ework challenges industry standards and old-fashioned truths by enabling individuals and companies to reach their full potential.

We work to achieve a sustainable society through a business model with diversity and equality in focus. It’s important to Ework that our resources are used responsibly, as we want to make sure we have skilled and knowledgeable people throughout our business, today and tomorrow. We enable consultants, whether they are employed by a company or working independently, to enter  markets previously out of their reach.

We believe that every person have more skills and qualities than a CV could describe, and we match the right consultant with the right assignment by looking at the whole package. Ework has no employed consultants, but our goal is to match the client assignments with the most suitable consultants from the entire market, a process we call “Matched by Ework”.

Our consultant matches are made in a completely unbiased way, not considering gender, ethnicity or age, and our goal is to have the right person on the right place, enabling development for both consultants and companies.


Sustainable recruitment and employment

As we recruit new employees, we see a potential in all people, and it’s not necessarily the years of experience that weigh the most, when making the selection. We use our consultant matching model when making internal recruitments as well. We believe in having the right person on the right place. We want to invest in young people and develop their potential, so that they can be a part of the global labor market for a long time ahead, and we believe in diversity and equality on every level.

As Ework employees, we all need to share the same game plan, and in order to learn how to do that we have developed ”Sales Academy” a training program for all employees, to learn the Ework game plan. Besides that, we also have training programs within CPR, stress management and the counteracting of sexual harassments, among others. We believe in a work place where we all are provided with the right tools to manage the challenges we face, and where every employee feel good and have a balance between work hours and free time.

When employed by a global company, travelling is a natural part of work, and we therefore aim to find digital meeting solutions, instead of travelling. When travelling, we need to consider sustainable options. We chose trains over flights, when possible, and we choose environmentally friendly cars in case we need to take a taxi. We also have a bike initiative, where we have bikes available in our offices, for coworkers in need of transportation to external meetings, providing them with an alternative to driving a car.

Our Independent position and human rights        

Ework’s independent position on the market is crucial for our work on promoting diversity and equality. We don’t believe that a certain company is better than another. We put our trust in individuals, and their possibilities to carry out their work satisfyingly, to grow and to develop. Therefore, we have no co-operations with individual consultant companies or individual people. We have a zero tolerance to bribery and corruption, and we have established a whistle blower function. We find protection of personal integrity and classified information to be an important part of our daily work, and we work actively within all those areas.

Since 2012, Ework is following the ten principles of UN’s global compact initiative, taking a stand for human rights, the rights of every individual worker to have good working conditions, and  for working to improve our environment. We have defined our commitment in a Code of conduct, which we make sure Ework suppliers sign as well.


Social responsibility

Since Ework put a focus on people, social responsibility is an important aspect of our work. We believe in sustainable consumption and has made active choices decreasing the amount of meat when purchasing food, for instance, and instead of Christmas gifts to clients, we donate money to charity. We also try to engage our employees in this charity work by carrying out Christmas charity projects, gathering Christmas gifts to children and charity.

Ework has participated in the Stockholm School of Economic’s “Rapid Acceleration Management Program (RAMP) to increase diversity within Swedish enterprises. The project will provide newly arrived academics with a tailored management education, in combination with work practice for a year.


Hand in Hand

Hand in Hand’s vision is a world without poverty. Through education in entrepreneurship, professional work training and the possibility of micro loans, Hand in Hand helps, especially women, in founding their own small scale companies. Thanks to the higher income, they can improve the living conditions for themselves and their families, all on their own.

The unique working model of Hand in Hand, to help people help themselves, contribute to lasting results and have a positive effect on both individual and family level, as well as on the society as a whole.

UN has defined 17 global Sustainable Development Goals. These make a foundation for sustainable societies and will counteract future conflicts. Hand in Hand’s work contribute to as many as 13 of the 17 sustainable development goals defined by UN.