Information about Ework's response to COVID19

Due to the circumstances that have arisen in connection with Covid19 and the consequences that prevail, we at Ework want to inform you that our goal is to deliver service as usual.

If we continue to communicate, we can together, in this new situation, find the way forward. We therefore want to encourage a digital presence where we help each other to be seen in order to continue business as normal.

To our consultants, please contact us if you experience a concern for your assignments/hours so we can assist you with all information that we have and that is relevant. Our goal is to continue working as normal and assist you with as clear answers as possible.

We want to clarify that if you have any questions, please contact

You can also call +46 8 50 60 55 00 and we will help you.


To our customers and suppliers, at Ework we have long used digital tools for many of our meetings. A digital way of working has therefore already been implemented and normalized. Several of our teams are remote, and, in this situation, we can do this to a greater extent to avoid the spread of the Covid19-virus.

With the help of video meetings, we can solve both assignments and other issues that can appear around our offices in the Nordic countries and Europe.We are also eager in supporting you in your offshore strategies.

If you have inquiries and/or tenders, please contact


Sincerely Ework Group