Privacy & Personal Data

Privacy Policy

It is important to Ework as data controller that you know how we process your personal data. Ework processes personal data of different categories of data subjects out of different purposes based on different legal bases. To get the information on how Ework processes your data, please choose your category below and you will see a full report of how Ework processes your personal data.


If you don’t know which category you belong to, please read this:


Client contact person
Means persons at a client with which Ework has a frame agreement or where Ework & the client has had contact to discuss a possible agreement.


Consultant on Assignment or who had an assignment
Means any person on a consultant assignment, or who has had an assignment.


Consultant Supplier Supplier (consultant company employee)
Means any person at consultant company who is in contact with Ework in any way due to applying to assignments on behalf of your consultants, ongoing assignments or that you have had assignments through Ework, but are not the Consultant yourself. You represent the company where the consultant is employed.


Consultant who’s profile has been presented to a Client
You are a person who applied for an assignment or your employer applied for you, and your profile has been sent to our Client with the hope that you will be chosen for the assignment.


My Ework user
You are the owner of a my Ework account


You are a person visiting this website.

If we process data about you, you have the right to:

  • Object to any processing that is not necessary
  • Request a record of all data that the Ework processes about you
  • Know who has gained access to your information
  • Demand that data that is incorrect is corrected
  • Demand that data is deleted
  • Leave a complaint with the data authority

If you have any questions or want to request a personal data record, please contact our data protection officer at