Purpose, vision, and values

Ework Group creates successful collaborations by matching clients’ needs with the necessary skills and knowledge. Our efforts increase the pace of green transitions, accelerate digitization, boost competitiveness and increase growth using a sustainable holistic view of talent management.

The labor market in the new skills economy needs matching that closes the gap between talents and assignments. Ework therefore fulfills an important and complex role in the ecosystem. By understanding the clients’ needs and providing them with the right skills, we take on the role as a bridge and not a broker. We go arm in arm with clients, partners, and professionals.  

To our clients, we are a reliable long-term partner that meets their business needs, serves as a strategic and trustworthy long-term advisor for talent supply, and helps navigate the new labor market. To our professionals, we offer the opportunity to find stimulating assignments and develop within their area of expertise. Through access to attractive assignments, we help both individuals, freelancers, and  consulting firms to grow and reach their full potential.

We form successful collaborations.

With a holistic view of the talent supply, we match brilliant minds with great ideas in order to drive change and growth for the benefit of individuals, organizations, and society.