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Nearshore Services

At Ework, our nearshoring service is designed to provide comprehensive end-to-end support, catering to every aspect from the initial office planning to the expansion of development teams. By focusing on transparency and efficiency, our nearshoring service creates a valuable ecosystem where all stakeholders benefit from clarity, reliability and a seamless operational experience.

Integrated nearshoring service:
adding value at every step

Our nearshoring service focus on streamlining operations and delivering tangible value to our clients. Our commitment to end-to-end support generates value at every step.

Our key focus is on practical solutions, optimizing processes, and creating real value by facilitating seamless operations, minimizing disruptions, and fostering strong relationships with consultants, ultimately enhancing your overall efficiency and success.

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Client need assessment

During the assessment, our primary focus is on establishing a strategic alignment by defining key success criteria, goals, and mutual commitments. This approach ensures a tailored and scalable solution for your office setup and development team expansions. We take charge of leasing negotiations directly, mitigating contract risks and complexities, freeing you to concentrate on core operations.


Relationship management and support

Our goal is to build and maintain strong relationships with consultants, providing continuous support and managing their agreements and expenses. Additionally, we organize introductory training sessions to familiarize consultants with the new location and offer guidance on development operations and team integration.


Consultant recruitment and onboarding

Recruitment of consultants designed to your requirements is a key aspect. We manage the onboarding process efficiently, collecting necessary documents and ensuring a smooth transition for new consultants.

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Operational Management

Operational management covers overseeing office functions, ensuring smooth day-to-day operations, and efficient delivery management aligned with your expectations.

Main solutions

Consulting Solutions

We help companies and organizations find the professionals they need and manage them during the entire project lifecycle, ensuring optimal conditions.


Managed Services Provider (MSP)

We manage the entire talent workflow, including sourcing, contracting, on-boarding, time reporting, invoicing and off-boarding.


Total Talent Management (TTM)

Ework’s comprehensive approach to managing an organization's workforce focusing on the entire talent pool.


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