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Workforce Insights Services

By combining Ework’s data and knowledge with data from selected and established researchers we provide our clients with valuable insights and act as an advisory partner.



What it entails

Depending on the task or project, we conduct both qualitative and quantitative information gathering to provide the best possible insights to our clients. Workforce Insight services can be delivered as a single initiative or as a part of a solution where we partner with our client.

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Market analysis

Providing insights based on data collection, while offering advise and strategic recommendations.

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Providing specific market data ad hoc or regularly,based on your need.  

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Skills mapping

By utilizing Ework’s, or the clients’, taxonomy to map the skills in the organization we are able to optimize your planning efforts to secure access to the right talent over time. 

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Data collection

We provide customized reports adaptable to different needs and requirements that can be customized for specific purposes. 

Main solutions

Managed Services Provider (MSP)

We manage the entire talent workflow, including sourcing, contracting, on-boarding, time reporting, invoicing and off-boarding.


Total Talent Management (TTM)

Ework’s comprehensive approach to managing an organization's workforce focusing on the entire talent pool.


Free advisory session

Unsure of your exact requirements? Schedule a complimentary advisory session with us, and we'll guide you in discovering the optimal solution for your specific needs.

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