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    TechSverige Report: Sweden Faces Shortage of 18,000 Tech Professionals Annually

    Sweden has a shortage in its tech talent pool, with an annual deficit of 18,000 professionals between 2024-2028, according to a report from TechSverige.

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    Workplace buzzwords that are trending right now

    Explor the worklplace buzzwords that are trending right now. Do you know what Lazy Girl Job or Coffee Badging means? Learn all the trending words.

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    Ework named number one consultant provider

    Ework Group is named number one consult provider by Brainville for 2023. Ework continues to hold the position as the biggest consultant provider in the Nordics.

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    How to write a successful motivation text

    When you are applying for a new assignment you can improve your chances with a good motivation text. Here are some tips on what to write to stand out.

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    Johan Rosèn is our new Consultant of the quarter

    Johan Rosén is the consultant of the quarter at Ework Group. This title is awarded by Ework four times every year.

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    Ework Group has set a Science Based Target and commits to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions

    Ework Group has set science-based emission reductions target and by 2030 Ework commits to reduce scope 1 and scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions 42% by 2030.

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    Future of Work Study 2023

    Highlights from the Future of Works study 2023 by Free trade Europa. Learn more about skills shortage, new leadership and freelancer strategy.

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    People have amazing talents - they just need the opportunity to showcase them

    Ework's Verama network is an open ecosystem. You can find excellence and interesting stories within the network. Here is one of them from Unicus Oy.

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    Why is it important to understand your digital value?

    Today, most of us are constantly connected. Despite this, few understand their digital value and actively protect themselves online," says David Jacoby

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    Johan Elmberg is the "Consultant of the quarter"

    For his engagement and his ability to always work as a true ambassador for Ework Johan Elmberg has been awarded as the “Consultant of the quarter” at Ework.

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