Survey reveals: Companies are not putting a hold on projects

2023 was a turbulent year with high interest rates, high levels of inflation and increasing costs that impacted many companies and private individuals. Despite this many companies are not putting a hold on projects, according to Ework Group’s market survey.

In the fourth quarter of 2023, Ework Group conducted a market survey of companies, professionals and freelancers in its network. 1,297 anonymous respondents answered questions in six different areas ranging from how and where they work to what challenges and trends they are seeing in the market, legislative changes and cybersecurity.

Not holding back on projects

For representatives from companies and organizations some of the questions were focused on how last year’s situation, with both geopolitical challenges and a turbulent economic situation, impacted projects during 2024.  Even though the economic situation is hard for many companies most of the respondents, in Ework’s survey, said that they are not holding back on projects for 2024. Over half of the respondents said that it was business as usual. Thirty-six percent said that they are holding back and will only do a few prioritized projects.

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