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Total Talent Management

Total Talent Management is a comprehensive approach to managing an organization's workforce that goes beyond traditional solutions. It focuses on the entire workforce, whether you are managing temporary staffing, contingent workers, freelancers or permanent employees.



Holistic approach to talent strategy

Ework’s Total Talent Management solutions is anchored in our legacy of forming successful collaborations, connecting partners & professionals and clients in partnerships, by bridging brilliant minds to great ideas, for the benefit of individuals, organizations and society.

Having an holistic approach is one of the cornerstones in Total Talent Management. By utilizing our legacy, supported by market leading technologies, standardized processes, talent analytics, market intelligence and dedicated teams, we are merging the management of contingent and permanent workforce. With this we create an integrated strategy.


Competitive edge

Achieve a competitive edge through greater workforce agility and flexibility, ensuring the right talent for your business when you need it.


One core strategy

Increases operational efficiencies by utilizing the same recruitment teams for all talents. The core employer brand and attraction strategies are consistent and tailored.


Cost control

Through standardized processes, together with a proactive approach to recruitment, with deep understanding of talent needs you will achieve higher cost control and savings.



Mitigate risks by being compliant to local legislation as well as getting instant access to a streamlined recruitment organization for all talent.


Large pool of talents

Access to critical skills, the total talent approach will enable access a large pool of talent to support business needs and future goals.


The right tech

Ework identifies and implements the right tools to enable clients to have control and create transparency, covering the entire recruitment process as well as the project life cycle, regardless of the platform.

In Ework’s TTM-delivery, account teams manages clients HR-systems, Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and Vendor Management Systems (VMS) as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Total talent management (TTM) combines the efforts and processes within talent acquisition (RPO) and contingent talent (MSP) programs to create an, holistic approach to talent management.

It brings HR, which is traditionally tasked with hiring full-time employees, and procurement, which is typically tasked with hiring contingent talent, together. By bringing the two areas our clients can ensure that the entire organization is using the same strategy to engage top talent.

A complete system support for organizations’ consultant procurement.

A system for managing recruitment processes and gaining an overview of candidates.

Additional services

Protective Security

Mitigate risks in your business. Whether you hire new employees or bring in consultants, our security services provide you with the clarity and confidence you need.


Workforce Insights

Combining Ework’s data and knowledge with data from selected and established researchers in our area we provide our clients with valuable insights and can act as an advisory partner.



Ework's nearshoring service combines cost savings and geographic proximity for access to experienced professionals, dedicated resources, and increased flexibility.


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Remote Sourcing

Our remote sourcing center connects top talent to pioneering projects while offering competitive pricing for our clients.


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