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Consulting Solutions

Unlock the power of talent. We specialize in connecting companies with professionals precisely when needed, delivering unique value. Elevate your business with the right talent, perfectly timed and cost-effective. Let's accelerate your journey together!



Empower your business with the right talent

At the core of our consulting solution is a commitment to meet diverse client needs. We understand the importance of finding the right talent. That's why we leverage an extensive network, cutting-edge tools, specialized job boards, and talent pools to connect you with the perfect fit.

We ensure a seamless and value-driven collaboration for our clients, partners, and professionals alike.


Best network to match

With our experience, advanced tools and pools of skilled professionals we are able to find the perfect fit for your project.


Independent partner

We source consultants from the open market. This gives us independence and unlimited delivery capability at the highest quality.


Ework's expert teams

Our hands-on approach allows you to focus on your core project, knowing that the critical administrative elements are being handled.


Cultivating talents

We're invested in the growth of the talents in our network, providing opportunities for development through for example the learning platform, Lexicon.


Business Insights & Intelligence

We help you stay informed on market trends, gain insights on competitive rates, and receive strategic advice on talent planning.

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Tailored advice with Ework's industry insights

Elevate your talent strategy and accelerate your business development with our profound understanding of key industries;

  1. Banks, finance and insurance

  2. Public sector

  3. Manufacturing, automotive industry and life science

  4. IT professionals, technology and telecoms

  5. Energy and utilities

  6. Retail, logistics and services

With over 20 years of experience, we bring strategic knowledge, anticipating workforce challenges and aligning your business with cutting-edge industry trends. Partner with us for unparalleled insights and business excellence.

How it works

Our Consulting Solution thrives on a structured process that delivers benefits at every stage of engagement.

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Finding the right talent

At the start, we thoroughly understand your project's requirements, ensuring a precise match. Our specialized Sourcing Partners combine their industry experience with technology to pinpoint the best talent for your specific needs.

Managing the talent

Managing the talent

As the central contracting entity, we manage all phases of the project lifecycle. Our commitment ensures a streamlined experience for consultant projects, encompassing contracting,  time reporting, efficient invoicing, and expense handling.


Successful projects

Through a close partnership, we offer expert advice and follow-up that ensures your project success at every level, from hiring, extending and terminating contracts, benefiting everyone involved.

Frequently Asked Questions

Consulting service or solutions is a professional service that provides experts and specialists, managing the complete matching process and administration.

Additional services

Protective Security

Mitigate risks in your business. Whether you hire new employees or bring in consultants, our security services provide you with the clarity and confidence you need.



Ework's nearshoring service combines cost savings and geographic proximity for access to experienced professionals, dedicated resources, and increased flexibility.


Latest news from Ework

Remote sourcing

Remote Sourcing

Our remote sourcing center connects top talent to pioneering projects while offering competitive pricing for our clients.


Free advisory session

Unsure of your exact requirements? Schedule a complimentary advisory session with us, and we'll guide you in discovering the optimal solution for your specific needs.