Market Insights

Ework has been in the business of connecting thousands of people to meaningful work since 2000. During these years we have gained a lot of knowledge and insights to the trade, trends and what works. 

Future of Work

How we work today, is not necessarily the way we want to work tomorrow. Take part of our view and experience on how this is evolving.|

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Skills Economy

A thriving skills economy is beneficial for individuals, organizations and society. The skills economy is the concept where skills are seen as the currency of the future. Learn more about the importance of skills and what is effecting the future of work. 

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Future of Business

Green transition, digitization and future of work-trends are all reshaping the business landscape. Learn how your skill strategies can help you be more competitive and grow your business in the future.

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Talent Management

Strategic talent solutions to bridge brilliant minds with great ideas. Learn how to use skills mapping & planning in your talent management, and what benefits there are with setting consultant-KPIs that go beyond cost, going from role-based recruitment to objective-based - unleashing skills. 

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Latest market reports

Currently, we are living in a time of economic challenges, shifts in society and a growing skill shortage that impact the labor market. In our market report we dig deeper into what is happening in the market. 

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We have conducted a brief analysis of the factors and trends impacting society at present and also share data that illustrates how we perceive these influences on the consulting market.

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Insights, challenges and the latest trends in IT from the experts’ perspective

During Q4 2022, Ework Group conducted an in-house survey in Poland, with answers from 288 professionals. The results are also complemented with information from our digital platform Verama.

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