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Remote Sourcing

Our Remote Sourcing ensures your access to top talent for pioneering projects, all while maintaining competitive pricing and providing a solution that meets your diverse needs.

How it works

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Meeting your needs

Our service is designed to cater to a variety of needs, including sourcing candidates with specialized skills in niche competencies, expanding your professional network, identifying and hiring freelancers, and building a complete technical team.

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What is included

Our Remote Sourcing Center (RSC) team uses talent pools across the European Union (excluding Germany and France) and the United Kingdom to find the ideal candidate for your requirements.

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By adding on our service, you can enjoy a range of benefits, including access to top professionals at cost-effective rates, a significantly larger pool of candidates to choose from, reduced time-to-hire, and the opportunity to construct a more diverse and inclusive team.

Main solutions


We help companies and organizations find the professionals they need and manage them during the entire project lifecycle, ensuring optimal conditions.



Managed Services Provider (MSP)

We manage the entire talent workflow, including sourcing, contracting, on-boarding, time reporting, invoicing and off-boarding. 


Total Talent Management (TTM)

Ework’s comprehensive approach to managing an organization's workforce focusing on the entire workforce.




Ework's nearshoring service combines cost savings and geographic proximity for access to experienced professionals, dedicated resources, and increased flexibility.


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