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    The Future of Work is Hybrid

    Will we ever return to the office? According to recent studies, including, our survey, the answer is no. Andreas Jacobsson reflects on Future of Work.

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    EU Parliament approved a groundbreaking AI law

    EU Parliament has approved a groundbreaking AI law, dividing artificial intelligence into four risk categories, with some AI completely banned.

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    New Survey Reveals: The Flexible Workplace is Here to Stay

    A new survey reveals that 77 percent would like to work in a hybrid-model spending some days in the office and some days at home or in another location.

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    Navigating the Green Future: A Strategic Blueprint for Workforce Leaders

    A shift towards a green future is on the way. With both challenges and opportunities and for workforce leaders a new strategy for talent management.

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    Ework launches in Slovakia to support clients' global expansion

    Ework Group continues its geographical expansion by opening a new market unit in Slovakia.

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    Embracing the Great Retirement and Silver Surfers in Workforce Strategy

    The phenomenon known as the Great Retirement is ,changing the labor market. What does it entail and how should you navigate the shift to stay ahead?

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    TechSverige Report: Sweden Faces Shortage of 18,000 Tech Professionals Annually

    Sweden has a shortage in its tech talent pool, with an annual deficit of 18,000 professionals between 2024-2028, according to a report from TechSverige.

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    Workplace buzzwords that are trending right now

    Explor the worklplace buzzwords that are trending right now. Do you know what Lazy Girl Job or Coffee Badging means? Learn all the trending words.

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    Ework named number one consultant provider

    Ework Group is named number one consult provider by Brainville for 2023. Ework continues to hold the position as the biggest consultant provider in the Nordics.

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    How to write a successful motivation text

    When you are applying for a new assignment you can improve your chances with a good motivation text. Here are some tips on what to write to stand out.

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