Meet Molle - our Expert Provider

He is one of the new bright stars at Ework.
But what is his role and what is his background?
Meet Molle Olson, our brand new Expert Provider at Ework Group.

In January Molle Olson, started a new role here at Ework Group as an Expert Provider. We took the opportunity to have a chat with him to learn more about the new role and about our new star.

Tell us a bit about yourself
“My name is Molle Olson and I started working at Ework in January of this year, 2024. I'm currently based in Gothenburg and my background is as a technical consultant working with product management in large railway planning projects in Sweden.”

You have a new role at Ework, what does the role entail?
“So, my role at Ework is called expert provider and more specifically towards technical consultants. It's a brand new role, so part of my job will be to shape it, but the overall purpose of me being here is to make sure that Ework is better at delivering technical consultants to our customers, as well as becoming a better bridge towards our partners and professionals.”

What is the top priority on your agenda right now?
“In the beginning here, at my time at Ework, I will start to get to know the company routines and how everything works and see how I can make a difference on a day-to-day basis. Of course, I will consider all the good things that Ework does really well today and try to tweak them to make sure that we are even better tomorrow.”

What challenges do you see in your area in the close future?
“My biggest challenge at this point in time is having an overlook at how Ework can deliver to our customers when they wish to use statement of work rather than just buying a consultant, a resource consultant.”

What value will you bring to our clients and/or to our partners and professionals?
“I will create value by combining my technical knowledge and my knowledge regarding procurement to really understand our customers' needs as well as helping our partners and professionals.”