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    Ework Group ranked first in the TOP200 report in Poland

    Ework Group ranked first in one of the categories in Computerworld top200 report 2024 in Poland. See all categories Ework Group was ranked in here.

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    Holistic approach to talent strategy with Total Talent Management

    With Total Talent Management as the starting point, it becomes simpler to optimize talent acquisition and increase productivity, quality and scalability.

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    Professionals are not  worried about the future

    Despite, a turbulent 2023, 80 percent of all consultants in Ework Group’s survey said that they were unwilling to seek a permanent employment.

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    Protective Security Services

    The market for security services has grown robustly in recent years. Here is all you need to know about Ework's Protective Security Services.

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    Ework supports its clients in their international journey of growth

    Ework is supporting clients around the globe. Both with presence and by sourcing globally. Today Ework has professionals in 50 countries across the globe.

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    Verama changes domain – will now be an integrated part of Ework Group brand

    Verama, Eworks marketplace, will be incorporated into Ework Group. This integration means that you'll soon access your account at Verama at a new address.

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    Meet Molle - our Expert Provider

    Meet our new employee Molle. Molle will work as a Expert Provider at Ework Group in Sweden.

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    New Survey Reveals: The Flexible Workplace is Here to Stay

    A new survey reveals that 77 percent would like to work in a hybrid-model spending some days in the office and some days at home or in another location.

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    Ework launches in Slovakia to support clients' global expansion

    Ework Group continues its geographical expansion by opening a new market unit in Slovakia.

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    Ework named number one consultant provider

    Ework Group is named number one consult provider by Brainville for 2023. Ework continues to hold the position as the biggest consultant provider in the Nordics.

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