Ework supports its clients in their international journey of growth

With many major international companies among our clients, supporting them is important regardless of where their operations are carried out or where in the world the delivery from a professional takes place. By opening offices in Slovakia, Ework is expanding its presence in Europe. Additionally, talent can be found around the world through Ework’s Remote Sourcing Center. Even today, Ework has professionals in some 50 countries across the globe.

Ework often starts from the perspective of Total Talent Management in its consultations where identifying and recruiting talent in other countries is concerned. Some of the people working with this are Malgorzata Migdal, Head of Remote Sourcing Center, and Martin Svensson, Global Expansion Manager. Malgorzata is stationed in Warsaw, Poland, and works with Martin in Malmö, Sweden, primarily when there is an issue of finding professional solutions internationally on behalf of Nordic and Polish clients.

What is your background at Ework?

“I started working with suppliers at Ework three years ago, and have been working in our Remote Sourcing Center for the last one and a half years. I work on finding professionals mainly in the EU, but sometimes in other countries as well,” she says. Malgorzata’s work in HR has always been tech-related. She was previously involved in neuroscience research and has a degree in psychology. “I have been with Ework for six years, largely in Client Development for our larger global client companies,” Martin says.
Martin has an education in economics and has worked in the consulting industry for 15 years, Ework included. At Ework he has, for example, worked with clients to streamline their processes, identify cost-saving possibilities and create clarity around the benefits of partnering with Ework.

What attracted you to Ework?

“I wanted to work with people, talent acquisition and HR. I was also a little curious about Scandinavian culture,” Malgorzata says. “For me, the job at Ework means a chance to work more strategically with talent acquisition for major international companies. Bringing in a global resource is a complex area with many different legal and contractual parameters to take into account,” Martin says. “Total Talent Management is where we can create the most value,” Martin adds. “When we are not just a provider of professionals, but can also supplement our offering with, for example, advisory or recruitment solutions. It’s when we have the opportunity to work proactively, in a consultative role, closely with our clients that we can really create value.”

What is the best about working for Ework?

“Ework is an exciting growth company that is active in a continually changing – and now global – labor market. Moreover, having the opportunity on a strategic level to work with so many renowned client companies is an incredible benefit,” Martin says. “There are fantastic companies in our client portfolio that we can offer extremely interesting professional profiles to. Being able to offer interesting job opportunities to professionals and specialists is also gratifying. They have widely different backgrounds with a great deal of experience and know-how,” Malgorzata says.

“I had opportunities to travel and familiarize myself with 35 countries – and live in three of them. To prepare myself, I read books about different cultures and ways of thinking. I read a lot in general about other countries, about business, about everything. I am curious why people do what they do, and I’ve studied psychology. This has helped me in my work on finding candidates for our clients.”

Malgorzata Migdal Head of Remote Sourcing Center

“I’ve played golf since I was five, and actively competed in the Swedish and Nordic tour until I had to decide whether or not I was going to concentrate on golf. I chose education and haven’t regretted the decision. What I took from golf is primarily my stubbornness and never-give-up attitude, and the knowledge that you have to be persistent in order to continue developing.”

Martin Svensson Client Development Executive