Holistic approach to talent strategy with Total Talent Management

It is becoming increasingly important as a business and organization to take a holistic view of talent management. With Total Talent Management as the starting point, it becomes simpler to optimize talent acquisition and increase productivity, quality and scalability while costs can be reduced.

The closer we stand to our clients’ core business and business needs, the greater the opportunity we have to provide relevant advice, match assignments with the right talent, and support
clients over the long term with talent acquisition and planning. The same applies to partners and professionals; the better we know them, the easier it is for us to facilitate their work, find interesting assignments and provide advice and training for long-term talent development.

The rapid technological and geopolitical changes in the business environment also create an increased need for consulting and support in the field of talent acquisition. These developments impact more stakeholders in companies, from HR, procurement and line managers to management and owners. A holistic view is therefore increasingly important, as is a comprehensive approach to talent acquisition. Overall, this development speaks for Total Talent Management as a method of action.

Based on its extensive network of professionals, a portfolio with 500 clients and ongoing information and data collection, Ework has favourable conditions for creating added value by supporting and advising its clients based on its market analysis.

The client’s needs are the starting point for everything

To develop its service portfolio, Ework starts from its clients’ needs, and an extensive effort was made in 2023 to specify various needs in order to facilitate the development of services.

These needs can be divided into four different categories:
• Acquire – Identifying and hiring talent that matches these needs is often a time-consuming challenge, both for temporary contracts and permanent recruitments. The continued talent shortage means this point is high on the agenda for many companies.
• Manage – Managing talent in the capacity of a contractual counterparty, especially where large contract volumes are involved, often results in a great deal of administration.
• Optimize – Streamlining the operations requires an overview by securing, grading and surveying the talent, which can be done through talent mapping, benchmarking and analysis. At the same time, the measures provide a better picture of the need for recruitment and training.
• Plan – Narrows down how to plan for talent acquisition over time.

With this overall needs analysis as a basis, Ework applies Total Talent Management in order to holistically meet the requirements that companies have in managing their entire workforce, both permanent employees and contingent workforce. According to several surveys, the advantages of Total Talent Management mean that many companies plan to use the model.

Discover how our Total Talent Management solution can revolutionize your talent acquisition and management strategies.