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    Workplace buzzwords that are trending right now

    Explor the worklplace buzzwords that are trending right now. Do you know what Lazy Girl Job or Coffee Badging means? Learn all the trending words.

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    Ework named number one consultant provider

    Ework Group is named number one consult provider by Brainville for 2023. Ework continues to hold the position as the biggest consultant provider in the Nordics.

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    How to write a successful motivation text

    When you are applying for a new assignment you can improve your chances with a good motivation text. Here are some tips on what to write to stand out.

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    Future of Work Study 2023

    Highlights from the Future of Works study 2023 by Free trade Europa. Learn more about skills shortage, new leadership and freelancer strategy.

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    People have amazing talents - they just need the opportunity to showcase them

    Ework's Verama network is an open ecosystem. You can find excellence and interesting stories within the network. Here is one of them from Unicus Oy.

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    Five tips to keep up to date – while working remote

    The proportion of people choosing to work remotely has exploded. Here are five tips for those who want to stay updated while working remotely.

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    Three ways to maximize the value of a talent provider

    Here are the three approaches which definitely help you on your way as a consultant.

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    Three consultant chores you wish you could avoid

    Three consultant chores you wish you could avoid

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    The Swede who is part of Equinor's journey towards digital leadership

    The job consists of contributing to Equinor’s journey towards the goal of becoming a digital leader in the oil and gas industry.

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    Ework are specialists in quickly finding the right consultant for every assignment – and the right solution to the consultancy need for every client. We take on the role of procurement department for consultancy services, manage consultants without framework agreements, appoint individual consultants and deliver consultant management systems. And we accompany our clients to new geographical regions. Our main strengths include our independence and the fact that we don’t employ any consultants. This means that we are free to choose from our vast network and match individuals with projects based on a combination of knowledge, skills, ability and motivation. We set the industry standard for price and quality.

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