Ework named number one consultant provider

Every year Brainville summarizes the year and drop their market report.
The brand new report for 2023 is just out and once again Ework Group is named the number one consultant provider.

Brainville stands out as the premier independent marketplace for freelancers and consultants in the Nordics. Annually, they release a comprehensive summary of the year known as "Brainville Statistics," and the latest edition for 2023 has recently been unveiled. This report provides valuable insights and pertinent statistics crucial for understanding the dynamics of the freelance and consulting industry.

Furthermore, each year, Brainville acknowledges the leading consultant provider in the Nordics. Once again Ework Group secured the top position, reaffirming its status as the foremost consultant provider in the region.

"For freelancers and consultants, the opportunity to find assignments - and choose assignments - is, of course, incredibly important. That's why we at Brainville celebrate Ework, which has by far the most assignments in the Nordics.” says Manuel de Verdier, CEO of Brainville, and continues:

“In addition to this recognition, we also celebrate the companies that most frequently respond to applications and those that write the clearest job advertisements. The purpose of these awards and our report is to help the entire market conduct business and do so in a fair manner. Our statistics provide concrete insights for all parties when making decisions."

At Ework Group we are very thankful for the recognition as the number one consultant provider:

“Thank you, Brainville, for recognizing us as the largest consultant provider in the Nordic market! It feels fantastic as we work hard all year-round to create value and development for our clients. Ework provides total talent solutions for all talent needs, including IT/digitalization, R&D, and technology. With extensive experience in both the private and public sectors, we excel in matching qualified consultants with assignments at the forefront of technological development and green transition. Our global network of partners and consultants solidifies our ability to act locally and meet our clients' needs wherever and whenever they arise. Today, we offer services for all competency needs, whether it involves temporary staff, freelancers, or permanent employees." Says Karin Schreil, CEO of Ework Group.

Want to read the report? Download it at Brainville.com