Verama changes domain – will now be an integrated part of Ework Group brand

Say hello to Ework’s Verama. 
We're excited to announce that Verama, Ework's marketplace, will be incorporated into Ework Group. This integration means that you'll soon access Verama at a new address,  The domain,, will as of April the 24th, no longer be in service. 

The decision to retire the Verama domain and brand and incorporate it into Ework reflects our dedication to delivering a seamless and unified Ework brand experience that resonates with our clients, partners and professionals. ​ 

We want to assure you that, throughout this migration, contacts, data handling, and other crucial aspects will persist in being managed with the same reliability and efficiency as before.​ Furthermore your login information to the application will remain the same. When you log into the new Ework’s Verama  portal you will however notice a change in the look and feel which will reflect the Ework brand rather than Verama’s.  Please note that once you are logged into the platform/app the address of the application itself remains unchanged -

The change is designed to streamline your experience with Ework Group and make it even easier to access our services within the broader framework of Ework Group.  

As Verama becomes an integral part of the Ework brand, we are committed to continue building on our established legacy by delivering attractive solutions for our clients whilst providing access to attractive job assignments and other services for our partners and professionals  

The domain will be redirected on April 24th however the full rebranding, change of  logo will be in place some time between April 24th to 30th 2024.  

Until then, do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have. ​ 

Best Regards

The Ework Team


Will my account stay the same?
Yes the only change is that the verama logo will be replaced to ework + url address where you can enter login or register page will be
The address of application itself remains unchanged. 

When will this change happen?
The domain will be redirected on April 24.

Will this affect my account in any way?
No nothing inside the portal will change only the "look and feel". For example all pages will be branded with the Ework logo instead of the Verama logo. 

Will this require any action from me?
No, but please remember that will be replaced by

What will happen when someone visit or any subpage to that domain?
Visitor will be automatically redirected to the
or the most equivalent page in domain.