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    Keyloop wants to change the future for the world’s car dealers

    Keyloop is a global software supplier of digital solutions for the automotive industry. Its goal is to create a seamless journey for car buyers or owners.

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    Five tips to keep up to date – while working remote

    The proportion of people choosing to work remotely has exploded. Here are five tips for those who want to stay updated while working remotely.

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    RISE performs market research and updating the agenda for lightweight technology

    How the external environment impact research and innovation in lightweight technology was one question when updating the Lightweight Agenda in 2022.

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    Turkuawakens – Strong collaboration in Turku region

    Ework Group Finland took part in Turkuawakens event in Turku, Finland.

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    Building the digital E4  from Berlin to Luleå

    The project is one of Sweden’s largest in digital infrastructure. The capacity corresponds to the amount of data that is required by the Nordic region.

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    Pawel Maj is Ework’s consultant of the quarter

    Pawel Maj is Ework´s consultant of the quarter. Pawel Maj, that is operating in Poland is the first one to be selected in 2023.

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    Optimize your cash flow and focus on your core business

    At Ework, we believe that getting paid should be simple and quick. That's why we have created PayExpress, a tailored payment solution designed for consultants and partners.

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    The labor market of the future is here– and there is room for everyone

    The labor market is evolving. The classic form of employment has found competition, and people are now choosing to be freelancers, gig workers, or consultants.

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    Ework’s Managed Solutions can contribute long-term value

    Outsource the routine management of professionals for cost-reduction and efficiency and create a long-term value with Managed Solutions from Ework.

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    Ework Group ranked second in the TOP200 Report in Poland

    Ework Group ranked second in one of the categories in Computerworld top200 report 2023 in Poland. See all categories Ework Group was ranked in here.

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