New features in Verama

Easy access to news from Ework and a more user friendly dashboard.
During the last months we have updated the Verama platform- here is what you need to know.

If you are a common user of the Verama platform you might have noticed some changes during the last couple of months. Here is a quick guide on what’s new:

Redesigned homepage dashboard

In order to present more relevant information to the user, we redesigned the homepage dashboard. Depending on the user permission level, different information will be presented. 

Easier to onboard new team members

If you are a manager we have also made it easier to onboard new members to your team. The new form combines two steps into one ensuring a quicker process while maintaining all necessary details

Improved job search filter

Finding the perfect assignment just got easier with our latest update. We have added more filters to our job search feature, empowering our users to narrow down their search and easily find ideal opportunities. 

Get the latest news from Ework

We introduced a dedicated page where you can stay up-to-date with Ework's latest news. You can browse through news updates, and you have the option to click on each news item to get more details. This is available to registered users.

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