Johan Elmberg is the "Consultant of the quarter"

For his never-ending engagement and his ability to always work as a true ambassador for Ework since he started his first assignment back in 2011.
Johan Elmberg in Gothenburg has been awarded the prize “Consultant of the quarter” at Ework.

Johan has worked as a management consultant since 2001. In 2010 he and his wife started their own business, Ensmärket.

" By this time, we both had gained knowledge, experience, and methods among our three main services: IT management, leadership and business development. I had my first assignment with Ework back in 2011.

You have had assignments with us since 2011. Why do you choose to find assignments at Ework?

“There are several advantages, but first of all I want to mention the people at Ework. They are always positive, professional and fun to cooperate with. Second, I think Ework has fair business terms to their sub-consultants and they are highly successful in winning framework agreements, which is hard to achive for a small company.”

“The ability to choose for myself”

What do you consider the greatest advantages of being a consultant?

Maybe I have been lucky so far, but I have been on several very interesting and challenging assignments since we started Ensmärket. I have been fortunate to be able to choose for myself when and how much I work.

Finally, If it were not for the IT industry, where do you think you would be now and what would you be doing?

Perhaps an engineer in property management, or possibly in the energy sector. A coaching role within the women's national football team would have been fun! But, I am actually very happy in the place I am today.