Ework celebrated our first Ework Health Day

A walking contest between the different offices, mindfulness, yoga or action at the gym. Last week Ework organized the first ever Ework Health Day.  
“The Ework Health day started off as a local employee proposal, turning into a theme day, engaging the entire company and all of our employees across our 5 countries.” Says Eleonora Holm Evgenikou and Rebecka Gustafsson two of the organizers from HR. 

Last week Ework arranged and celebrated their very first Health week that culminated in Ework Health Day on the 22nd of September.  

“With great support of engaged project leaders in our different countries we created an agenda where you could join breathing exercises in larger group in our kitchen, lace up your shoes in our step competition, sweating it out in the gym or have a calm yoga session at the home office. With the focus on having a balanced lifestyle, the Ework Health Day seems to have engaged our employees in a way that they see fits them!” says Eleonora and Rebecka. 

ellie and rebecka

3 million steps 

During the first four days of the week. All offices were invited to participate in a step contest. A lot of employees from all offices joined in the competition and together Eworkers took  3 million steps during these four days. The office  with the most steps was the Stockholm office with an average of 50 000 steps per participant. 

Happy with the turnout 

On the actual health day all offices organized different events both IRL and online. First of all was a healthy breakfast and a motivational speech from our CEO Karin Schreil. After that you could learn breathing techniques in a mindfulness class with our external speaker Fanny Larsson. Later that day you could join a Yoga class that took place in the Stockholm office and online.  

In the different locations you could also join a class at the gym or take a walk in the park with colleges.  

The initiative was very appreciated, and the HR-department are looking forward to continuing with annual health days at Ework. 

“We are super happy about the turnout and are looking forward to continuing this for many years to come!” says Eleonora and Rebecka.