Five tips to keep up to date – while working remote

After the pandemic, the proportion of people choosing to work remotely has exploded. There are several reasons for this, but many have seen the advantages of saving time on commuting and appreciate the opportunity to work from home. However, a remote work life doesn't come without its challenges. Here are five tips for those who want to stay updated while working remotely. 


For those who appreciate remote work, there are numerous benefits. You can avoid commuting, have greater flexibility in managing your work hours, and work more focused. However, there are also disadvantages. One of the biggest is the risk of feeling isolated, especially if not everyone in the company is working remotely. If you're a consultant and not an employee, there's also a risk of falling behind in updates and losing natural contact with your network. Here are five simple pieces of advice on how to mitigate the downsides of remote work. 

1. Stay updated on what is happening in the company. 

Whether you work as an employee or a consultant, remote work makes it easier to miss what's happening in the company where you work. Information that would typically be discussed around the coffee machine and chatted about in the hallways can easily be overlooked when you only interact with your colleagues on a computer screen. 

One simple trick is to try scheduling virtual coffee breaks with your colleagues. These meetings are a bit more informal and provide an opportunity to discuss more personal matters and general reflections on what is happening in the company. 


2. Visit your workplace. 

If you work remotely for a company located in the city where you reside, it can be wise to visit the company from time to time. Meeting your employer in person can facilitate both the efficient execution of your tasks and your employer's ability to relate to you as a person they've met, rather than just a name on a screen. 

3. Schedule face-to-face meetings. 

If you find your assignments through a platform or a consulting broker, it's a smart move to establish a personal connection with the recruiter. Spend some time building a personal relationship with the individual and share your experiences that may not be included in a presentation. This increases the chances of you being one of the candidates they think of when suitable assignments come up. 

4. Keep your skills up to date. 

If you work as a consultant, you probably won't have access to the training opportunities offered to employees at the company where you work. Make sure to keep your skills updated and expanded on your own. It's a smart idea to update existing skills and also acquire new ones. Being able to showcase certifications and course certificates from relevant courses is always beneficial. Additionally, you can use these opportunities to expand your professional network by participating in courses. 


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5. Maintain and expand your network 

As a consultant, one of your most valuable assets is your network. Ensure that you maintain your network and continually work on expanding it, both on a personal level and to stay top of mind. Here are some simple tips: 

  • Connect with people you meet in your professional role on LinkedIn. 
  • Join networks and register on relevant platforms, such as Verama. 
  • Schedule lunches and other in-person meetings with key individuals in your network. 
  • Participate in webinars, breakfast meetings, and other relevant events organized within your networks. 
  • Update your LinkedIn profile with what you're currently doing, the courses you're taking, and other pertinent events to stay top of mind within your network.