Report according to the Transparency Act

The purpose of the Norwegian Transparency Act, which came into effect on July 1, 2022, is for Norwegian companies, such as Ework Norway AS, to strive for good working conditions and adherence to human rights in our supply chains. 

The Transparency Act aims to ensure compliance with fundamental human rights and decent working conditions in production and services. It highlights the importance of providing accessible information to the public regarding businesses' efforts to address adverse impacts. We aim to leverage this legislation in our risk assessment framework and promote positive influence in our operating environment. Ework Group places utmost importance on transparency, ethical responsibility, and sustainable business practices.


Ework Norway's Report

In this report, we will provide an overview of our progress in implementing the Transparency Act. We will focus on due diligence efforts, examining potential adverse impacts within our supply chain and outlining risk mitigation measures. By sharing our actions, challenges, and accomplishments, we aim to build trust, engage in meaningful dialogue, and contribute to a sustainable and socially responsible business ecosystem.


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