How it works

Our ultimate goal is to deliver the right assignment for your set of skills. We want to help your grow and develop. By using Verama marketplace you can find interesting assignments, co-operate more efficiently within your team and use smart solutions that empower your business. Verama connects consultants with clients seeking talent.

Start by creating an account in Verama marketplace and then fill-up your profile with skills and work experience details.

When you find an assignment that interests you – apply as soon as possible. Specify your desired hourly rate and availability for each individual assignment.

If your profile matches the assignment, we’ll contact you to tell you more and agree on an hourly rate that’s acceptable to both you and the employer. Then we send your profile and an offer to the client.

If the employer wants to meet you, we’ll book an interview appointment together. Your contact person at Ework Group will be happy to accompany you to the interview.

If the client decides to hire you, the next step will be to sign an assignment contract. Ework Group is a contractual partner to both you and the client. In order to make signing the contract easier, we use E-Signing and all parties sign digitally.

During the assignment, you report the time you’ve worked in our user-friendly time-tracking system, Ework Time. We manage the invoicing and administration for your assignments. This saves you time and gives you better terms of payment, while minimising the risk of incorrect invoicing.

PayExpress for faster payment

PayExpress is a service we provide as a standard to guarantee you faster payment for a small fee. PayExpress is added to almost all contracts as a standard so you don’t have to add it manually. If you have any questions or would like to exclude the service please contact us and we will help you.

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