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Consulting Solutions in Slovakia

Ework Group the leading consultant solution provider in Northern Europe, including Poland, is opening a market unit in Slovakia.
With over 12,000 consultants on assignment and over 150,000 partners and professionals in our network, mainly in IT and engineering, Ework will continue the mission to offer value-added services and solutions within talent acquisition and talent management to clients in Slovakia.


Empower your business with the right talent

Ework Group has over 20 years of experience helping clients with talent acquisition and workforce management. We offer a wide range of services and solutions whether it's managing contingent or permanent workforce needs, or providing tailored Total Talent Management (TTM) solutions, we are committed to delivering top-tier services. Securing the right talents, ensuring efficiency, and driving success in the dynamic landscape of workforce management.

Our expertise extends across various industries and segments, including mid-size enterprises and large corporations. A large group of our talents are found within the IT and Engineering sectors. 


Vast network to match

We have an extensive network of over 150,000 partners and professionals across the globe. We also use external sources to make sure we have full coverage for all kinds of assignments and skill-areas. 


Independent partner

None of our consultants are directly employed by us; instead, we source them all from the open market. This approach grants us independence and provides unlimited delivery capability without compromising on quality.


Value-driven collaboration

Our goal is to ensure seamless and value-driven collaborations for our clients, partners, and professionals alike. Our recruitment teams are highly specialized and effectively trained, to ensure top quality result.


Business Insights & Intelligence

We help you stay informed on market trends, gain insights on competitive rates, and receive strategic advice on workforce planning.

How it works

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Assignment briefing

Our team meets with the Hiring Manager, to understand the role and the requirements. We also share feedback about the job description and the process. Based on that our  team selects the most effective tools for sourcing.

Managing the talent


Our team source candidates via the below channels (or selected ones, dependently on the role):

  • Ework's Verama database
  • LinkedIn
  • Local job boards
  • Social media and more



We conduct 15-30 min video screening call with selected candidates. The aim is to verify:

  • Experience
  • Communication and presentation skills
  • Motivation
  • Financial expectations


Interview process

Top 2-4 candidates are presented to the Hiring Manager who decides on who to invite for an interview. Ework present the first candidates within 48 hours after completing the meeting with the Hiring Manager.  A representative from Ework can be present at the interview and help with feedback on the candidate as well as on the interviewing style.  If needed further interviews can be set up by the sourcing team.



Unless client decided otherwise, Ework is responsible for presenting the offer to the candidate or hold further negotiations. The agreement is signed directly between the candidate and the client.

Our offer

Consulting Solutions

We specialize in connecting companies with top IT & engineering professionals precisely when needed, delivering unique value. We let you elevate your business with the right talent, perfectly timed and cost-effective. Let’s accelerate your digital journey together!


Recruitment Solutions

We offer flexible and scalable recruitment solutions that cover either specific parts or the entire end-to-end recruitment process. Our aim is to deliver the best candidates for your permanent roles who not only possess the required skillset but also align with your company’s culture.


Frequently Asked Questions

Consulting service or solutions is a professional service that provides experts and specialists, managing the complete matching process and administration.

We mostly source candidates from European Union. Globally, we can source from 60+ countries on all the continents.

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