Ework top buyer of freelancing services in 2022

Ework is the number one buyer when it comes to freelancing and consulting services in the Nordics according to Brainville’s statistics. 
Ework was followed by emagine in second place and Shaya solutions in third place.

Brainville is the largest independent marketplace for freelancers and consultants in the Nordic. Every year they release their statistics about life as a consultant. And when it comes to the buyers of freelancing and consulting services in 2022 Ework came in on first place, based on the number of posted assignments. Right now Ework has over 13, 500 consultants out on assignment. 

A downturn in the market

According to Brainville’s statistics there was a downturn in the freelancing market in the second half of 2022. Resulting in an increase of more available consultants and freelancers and less assignments posted on the marketplace. A trend that was still rising was remote work that was up 5,8% since the first half of 2022. At Ework the demand for skilled professionals remains high. However, looking at the trend of number of applicants per assignment, we see that it rose during the second half of 2022. But our clients are still in need for talented experts. 

Here are the top 10-largest buyers in 2022 according to Brainville:

1. Ework
2. emagine
3. Shaya Solutions
4. Upgraded People
6. KeyMan
7. Sverek
8. Enmanskonsulterna
9. Tingent
10. Danir Group (Sigma, Nexer etc)

See the full list on Brainville site