Ework's teamplayer Daniel Werner!

Daniel Werner, Client Development Manager at Ework, is a basketball player who is driven by curiosity and a genuine interest in other people. Who builds relationships in order to create business, puts the team before himself and uses his experience from the basketball court in his role as “assistant coach” at work. Having made guest appearances elsewhere, he’ s found his way back to the Ework team.

In an interview with Daniel, he tells us about his new job, wedding, new house, renovations and that his first child is due in May. To put it mildly, the last year has been eventful for Daniel Werner, Client Development Manager at Ework in Gothenburg.

“It’s a good job I’ve got lots of energy and like it when things happen,” says Daniel with a warm  laugh, continuing: “It says a lot about who I am. It also corresponds very well with Ework’s values. Having these values is something I find exciting. Here they aren’t just nice words on a piece of paper, this really is how we work. That was clear even the first time I worked here.”

The opportunity and the challenge to coach employees as a manager attracted Daniel. He was
convinced that Ework was the best place to get more experience and he strongly believes in the business model, and have great confidence in the management team and where the company is heading.

“I was very much taken by Ework’s simple yet brilliant business model. I like the dynamics, the fact that we’re an independent actor that helps clients find the right skills.”

The first day in his new position coincided with Ework moving to new premises. “That was good, as I had a fresh start in all respects. During the year that I was away, about 15 new colleagues had joined, we’ve gotten a new IT environment and I’m now part of the management team (Gothenburg site).”

In other words, most things are new. But the culture and everything that Daniel appreciated about Ework from the beginning is still there. Such as the positive drive that pervades everything, the fact that everyone works together and looks out for each other, the freedom, the trust and management’s ambition that employees must be able to develop.

“It’s a sales organization and everyone’s used to working towards goals, both personal and commercial. If you’re clear about what you want and what your goals are, there’s always an interest among management in finding a solution.”

He also explains that even though it’s a sales organisation, his view of salespeople has changed since he started at Ework.

“It’s more about building relationships. I’m extremely curious, I love asking questions and listening. It’s an enjoyable challenge to see what’s unique in a client and how we can best help them. Finding that perfect match between client and consultant.”


A large portion of colleagues at the office in Gothenburg has a sporting background, just like Daniel. As a child he tried more or less every sport around, and at the age of ten he settled on basketball, an interest that still forms a major part of his life.

The sporting background is something he finds extremely valuable in his work. Because just like on the basketball court, the employees at Ework are a team, with everyone in their different positions and working towards the same goal. The team comes first. The team’s performance ahead of the individual’s.

“Everything’s more enjoyable when you do it together, and we really are a team here. We even talk in sporting terms. Our team formation is 4-4-2: the back builds up a solid defense and the spine, the midfielders, are more expansive and score goals, while the attackers create the situations, that’s to say they find the business opportunities. Everyone has clearly defined roles, which means that we don’t duplicate work, we don’t run after the same ball, so to speak. I’m assistant coach now,” says Daniel, laughing.

As “assistant coach” he has started to build up a team of attackers, the account managers.

“It feels reassuring that I have had that role before and know what it involves. It’s exciting to be able to put together a new team and a structure for how we’re going to work together. How do we achieve synergies between account managers, how can we work smarter and optimize resources? How do I best support my team? I don’t usually have any specific role models, but just try to do what those who are the best do, whether it’s on the basketball court or at work. It feels really super to be back again. Quite simply, it’s a wonderful, positive workplace. The people are so genuine. It’s professional and personal. I like that.”